What is Embroidery ?

Embroidery is simply the process of transferring a design onto a material by stitching.

Years ago, as far back as the ancient Egyptians, embroidery was done by hand. Today we use computerized stitching machines allowing us to create complex and colorful pieces. We use rayon or polyester thread.

Embroidery is good for a high end look for sweatshirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, bags, jackets and more.

There is no extra charge for many colors and the colors can be changed on different shirts of the same order. It is an economical way to produce small quantities and there is no setup fee for stock designs with keyboard lettering.

We can embroider a wide range of materials.

Images run on our embroidery machines must be digitized specially for the equipment we use. We can take any image you provide and digitize it for our machines.


Most frequent questions and answers


There is a digitizing charge fee graphics and custom lettering.  It is a one time $25.00 fee.  There is no charge for stock letters/numbers.

We do not have minimum or maximum orders.

On hats the largest is 2.25″ tall x 5.25″ wide on the front, 2″ x 3″ on the sides, 2″ x 5″ on the back.

On apparel the largest size is 15″ x 12″.

We are a custom embroidery shop and do not offer stock designs.  We will digitize you logo or design.  Fill out our request for quote request form and a representative will contact you.

We will be able to give you an estimate based on the size of you order and complexity of the design.  If digitizing is needed it will take 2-3 business days to complete.

Sublimation, Digital Printing

We do not have minimum or maximum orders.

We need the image that you want in the highest resolution/quality that you have.  The supported file types are .png, .jpg, .cdr, .eps, or  a vectorized graphic.


If your image is not clear and needs to be re-sized or vectorized there will be a $25.00 charge.

If you follow the correct care instructions you can expect the graphic to last 25+ washes.